Yard Makeover

I love working in my yard when it's not 100 degrees outside in the dead of summer. Needless to say it was HOT last summer and somewhere along the way we let it go way down hill. I like to think that the wood border from the 1990's and the lack of mulch is what did it, but that's just an excuse. It was just pure laziness and my love for air-conditioning. 

This spring we made a to-do list of things we wanted done to the house. At the top of the list was the yard. It took about 3 weekends of hard work and a few crazy stories(you can read more about that at the bottom of this blog) along the way to finish. 

We got a truckload(14 scoops) of mulch delivered to the house on Friday evening. Saturday morning we got outside around 6:30am to beat the heat. By 10:30 we had already demolished over half of the pile. We decided to take the afternoon off and go on a local farm tour with friends that I blogged about here

We finished up on Sunday and this is the beautiful outcome! Every evening when I come home from work I just love looking at our hard work.

**Crazy Story**
Once we got home that evening from the farm tour I noticed a small bite on the back of my leg. Honestly I thought it was a mosquito or ant bite. I didn't pay attention to the bite on Sunday, but Monday when I got to the salon one of the girls that I work with said it looked like a spider bite. I texted a picture of the bite to my friend who is a nurse practitioner and she said to keep a watch on it because it looked like a rash from a tick bite that has Lyme Disease. Tuesday morning when I looked at my leg I was shocked! It had grown overnight. To make a long story short, everyone suggested I go to minor care immediately and get it looked at. The doctor at minor care also said it could be Lyme disease from a tick bite, but I probably caught it soon enough and an antibiotic would help. 

If you know anything about lyme disease, it's not good so I was hoping it was something else. To this day I still have no clue what bit me. The rash lasted about a week and a half and morphed into a different shapes daily. It was so very strange. Here is my daily documentation of the bite: 
crazy huh?!?!


  1. Glad you caught it in time for antibiotics! The yard looks great :)

  2. Your yard looks awesome, great job! And glad that bite got cleared up. Lyme disease is no bueno!

  3. Woah!!
    I'm so glad that you caught it in time so it didn't become more serious!

    ps: your yard looks great!

  4. oh my gosh thats crazy! glad your ok!


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