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Hello Everyone! 
While I am in Asia I have asked some amazing ladies to keep my blog going for me. This first post is  by Kasey. She blogs over at Life and Love with Mr. Wonderful and is one of my favorite bloggers! Everyone should check out her blog. Thank you Kasey for doing this fun post for me! I want to go on this exact date night with my hubby. Super fun.

Hey KariedAway readers! I am so excited that Kari asked me to stop by her wonderful space and do a guest post for her! I've been following Kari's blog for awhile now and I just think she is the biggest sweetheart. I know that we would be good friends in real life. For my guest post, I wanted to do write about one of my favorites date nights with my husband. 

Let’s start at 5:00pm on Friday night. My husband and I live pretty close to Disneyland, which makes for a perfect date night. I don't know about you, but I love me some Disneyland. We usually start off the night at Tortilla Jo’s, which is one of our favorite Mexican restaurants. They have the best margaritas that I’ve ever had. Not even kidding. Their chips and salsa are also very tasty, which is so important when finding a great Mexican restaurant. Am I right?? If any of you lovely readers lives in So Cal, I'm always up for a happy hour blate ;D
Once we’re done with dinner, we always start at California Adventure. The park has some of the best rides, like Tower of Terror, which is my favorite ride in that park. I’ve been on the Tower of Terror that’s at Walt Disney World, and it’s SO much better. It stops at more rooms and everything…Disneyland got lazy with the California Adventure one. But, it’s still really fun. 
My husband and I also love to ride Toy Story Midway Mania. I like to brag a little about my shooting skills….I think our score right now is 4-3 and I'm winning. I can be a little competitive at times, but this game is just way too fun to get that serious. 

Then we head over to Disneyland and ride Space Mountain which is the best ride ever. I can confidently say that I will never get sick of it. Every time I go on it, I feel like it’s the first time. The best part of that ride is where you get your picture taken at the end. We’ve made some pretty good faces.
At the end of the night, we usually end up either getting hot chocolate, or an ice cream cone.  The ice cream shop that's on Main Street in Disneyland is so good! The last time my husband and I went there, we got Newlywed pins that we wore and the lady at the ice cream counter gave us a "special" sundae because we were wearing the pins. Shoot, if you ever go to Disneyland for your honeymoon or a few months after your wedding, TAKE ADVANTAGE of the just married pins. You will get hooked up! I'm not even kidding you! We got an ice cream sundae for free, we got a drink for free, and everybody was saying congratulations to us all night long. I definitely felt special. It was so fun!
'If you're ever in Southern California, email me! I would love to give you some great recommendations on what to see and do!"

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