Cowboy's new home

On Saturday Cowboy the little kitten I blogged about here went to his new home. We of course had to do a photo shoot with the little fella whole stole our hearts. His little personality shows through these pictures so well!

I am so happy that we found a wonderful home for him. Emily is his new mom and I couldn't have asked for anyone better to take him. She has a black and white cat that's under a year and wanted him to have a friend. Little Cowboy(or whatever she decides to name him) will have a cat friend! How cute.

After she left with him on Saturday I cried and cried. Even though I am so happy he went to a good home, it was like giving away my baby. If I didn't have three small dogs I would have kept him but I just couldn't. We would have ended up being "those people" who have like a million animals. 

We love and miss you little buddy!
Cowboy & his new mom Emily


  1. Emily and Cowboy look like a good match. You were a good a great foster parent, Kari:)!

  2. SO glad that you guys found him a new home.
    I can't believe you gave that little cutie up!

  3. So happy to have him Kari! You did a heartless thing bringing him back to good health and I can assure that he will be loved. Peanut and Cowboy have become little buds quickly!

  4. You just absolutely melted my heart!! I have the biggest love for animals and animal rescue, and going back and reading your story and experience with Cowboy just brought me to tears. So wonderful to know that there are amazing people out there like you and your husband! :)
    Little man's new home sounds perfect and he is so lucky to have been nursed back to health by y'all!


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