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Denise is a beautiful soon-to-be mama and the woman behind Gratefully Inspired and today she is guest posting for me. She is one of my favorite bloggers and we don't live that too far apart actually. I hope one day we can have a "blate" so I can meet this blog friend of mine! You will enjoy her blog just as much as I do, so stop on by Gratefully Inspired and meet Denise!


Hello KariedAway Readers!  I'm Denise and I blog over at Gratefully InspiredI am so glad to be here, taking over Kari's fabulous blog for a day while her and Matt frolick in Thailand and China.  I mean, come on!  I love following this girl's travel adventures.  But today I am here to talk about 7 of my favorite things in this world.  Hope you can get to know me a little better and come over to my blog to say hello! 
1. Red Wine!  I’m 9 months pregnant right now and man oh man do I miss my red wine.  I may have stolen a sip from my husband’s glass a time or two… oops.  But in the next 3 weeks I think I will have earned my very own glass don't you think?
2. Golf course time with my husband!  Somewhat strange considering I don’t really play golf (unless you count taking a swing every now and then and trying to hit the ball as hard as possible).  But I love when we “play golf” together.  I drive the cart, document our time with my camera, and keep the cooler full all while he plays.  It’s one of my favorite times with him because we get to talk and laugh and sort of getaway for awhile.

3. Chocolate Milk!  I’ve been obsessed ever since I was little girl.  When I lived in Spain for a summer the little store down the street from me sold it in a pint size and I would drink one on my way to class everyyyyyyy day.  In 110 degree heat might I add.  Kinda gross when you stop to think about it, but oh how delicious it was!  And I still have a glass every single night.  Milk does a body good right?  And I think chocolate does it even better.

4. The beach!  I am one of those spoiled and grateful souls that gets to live 10 minutes away from the beach and just a stone’s throw away from the sound, so I partake in this one a lot.  I don’t need all day at the beach.  No.  Just a few hours where I can sit, walk, reflect, read and tan.  Heaven on earth I do believe.

5. Saturday mornings with my mom.  It’s another thing that I feel so grateful to have.  I didn’t always live close to my mama, but now that I do I take full advantage of her time.  We like to steal away on Saturday mornings for breakfast and some frolicking while my hubby and my pops do their gym thing.  Sometimes that frolicking includes shopping or manicures, while other times it just includes a ride by the ocean and then on home.  Whatever in entails, I love it.

6. My puppy in the morning.  Don’t get me wrong I love my puppy all the time.  But she’s a little crazy (example, she can literally jump up into my sink and use her forearms to pull herself up so she can stand on the counter).  Pictured above with no help at all.  She’s got that much energy!  But in the morning time?  She is a cuddly as a cuddle bear can be.  And her hair is all crazy and all she wants to do is snooze. 

7. The nursery that is finally finished at my house.  As I mentioned before, I’m pretty preggies and I can’t wait to meet my baby girl at the end of this month.  The nursery is just one little act of love that I have been preparing for her and I love it.  Most days I do nothing other than sit in her room.  Just sit in the floor and imagine what her little self will do in there one day.  Melts my little heart.

Thanks for having me Kari!  Can't wait to see pictures from your trip!

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