Running lately has been tough. With my next half marathon just a month and a half away, I am kinda freaking out. I use the Adidas MiCoach app and I have literally skipped over 20 of my scheduled runs. For some reason I just can't get it together. I'm not sure if I am just burnt out or if I can't get motivation because it is so dang hot outside. I am making excuses right and left for why I can't go outside and just do the damn run. This Sunday I finally went out and did a 6 mile run. I felt great afterwards, and I am hoping that the running slump has come to an end!

With only 5 runs left this week and next before we leave for Asia, I am determined to complete all of them. Some of the most important runs before my race on Sept. 1st will take place while I am in Thailand and China. You better believe my hot pink running shoes are getting packed and they are gonna pound the pavement in Asia! 

I found this quote on Pinterest and it was immediate inspiration for me and reminded me of the love I have for running. If you are struggling with an exercise goal you have set for yourself, DON'T GIVE UP. You can do it. Remember why you set this goal for yourself in the first place. Get back to the motivation you once had. Find the joy and love for it again! If that goal was running, get out there and run, doesn't matter how fast or how far, just get out there and do it for yourself! 


  1. Love it! I needed to hear this, as I am working on exercise goals myself through personal training! I struggle as well, good luck!!

    PS. Love your blog!

  2. I love running but unfortunately I have stopped. I haven't gone on a run for about 5 months now. Like you, I've been making excuses here and there, but I think lately it has just been wayyyy too hot to go for a run. The temp here has been reaching 96 degrees Fahrenheit. Boohoo. But I do hope to reunite with my love for running soon. Good luck with the half marathon and have fun in Asia! =)

  3. It's winter and cold in South Africa so my motivation is low. But I am trying to focus on summer, bikini's and skimpy tops - must run again!

  4. love this girl! I want to get back into running after the baby and this inspiration is what i needed! xox

  5. i say go for a long swim instead :)


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