13.1 Again...

This Saturday Matt and I are running the Rock & Roll Half Marathon Virginia Beach. We are both really excited/nervous about this race for a few reasons. We just returned 3 weeks ago from our trip to Asia, and of course on vacation we didn't get many of our scheduled runs in. I actually only ran once on the treadmill at our hotel(can't complain about the view). Since we've been home it's been really hard to balance working 11-12 hours a day, running and life in general.

It's too late now for us to freak out about the lack of training. If I have to walk a bit, there is no shame in that. It's a half marathon and that's quite an accomplishment in itself. Matt on the other hand is trying to beat his half marathon time from two years ago, so no walking for him! He will probably have to wait at the finish line forever for me. He's a runner, I'm a jogger.

If you think about it Sunday, send us some good thoughts and well wishes. We could definitely use it! 
Here we come 13.1!

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