Kitten Rescue: Hazel

I would like for you to meet Hazel. I found this little baby girl on the street next to my house about a month ago. She was laying curled up next to a sewer drain, malnourished and missing a good portion of her hair. It took me a while sitting on the road next to her to gain her trust so I could bring her home with me. I didn't know if she had mange or the exact reason for the hair loss, so I tried to be careful not to touch her with bare hands quite yet.

We took her to the vet the next morning and she said that little Hazel probably experienced some kind of trauma, thus the reason for the scar on her chest and the hair loss. Other than that she was a completely healthy kitten, and just needed to be fattened up and the hair would most likely grow back. 

When we got home we began the process of getting her healthy. Before we knew it she had tiny black fuzz starting to grow in where the patches of hair were missing. She quickly gained the weight she needed and started to act like the true playful kitten she was.

Hazel is now around 8 weeks old now and is the sweetest kitten ever. She loves to be close and snuggle up to people. She rubs her face against yours to show you she loves you all while purring so loudly. 

This has been a very busy summer for me in the department of kitten rescue, if you remember Cowboy the kitten I wrote about here. Somehow these wounded babies find there way to me. They know I will rescue them, nurse them back to help and find them a loving home.

First day I got her.
Look at those eyes.
Such a playful healthy kitten today. Love her.


  1. Hey Kari! I've been meaning to stop by and comment for some time now. Your trip looked absolutely amazing and I love seeing the pictures and reading about your adventures. And you are the sweetest to help these poor animals. How lucky they are! We finally moved into our new home and I'm thinking about hosting a Bridges reunion for all the girls. We need to start seeing each other more than Christmas Eve! Hope all is well...still wanting to come down and see you at the salon!


  2. oh my gosh!!! this makes me so emosh. hazel is so lucky you found her!!! she looks like such a beautiful, sweet thing!!


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