Thai Massage

We've been home from Thailand from a month now, and I am in desperate need of some relaxation. We got super spoiled while we were there by getting Thai Massages almost every other day. Being a massage therapist myself I truly enjoyed every minute of being the recipient of the massage. I was in heaven! 

An hour after arriving in Bangkok we were on our way to our very first 2 hour Thai Massage session. I had no idea what to expect because this was the one thing I didn't research before our trip. We were greeted by the sweetest Thai women with jasmine tea in hand for the two of us. They escorted us up 3 flights of stairs and into a room with two beds on the floor. Each bed had a shirt and pants set folded neatly on it. They closed the door behind us and assumed we knew what to do(i'm used to undressing for a massage, because of the oil/lotion).I peaked out the door and used hand signals to ask,"Should we put this on?" The thai ladies laughed and nodded. Matt & I quickly put it on and started laughing hysterically because we looked so silly! The ladies came in the room after a few minutes and began what I can only describe as two hours of sheer bliss.

If you are like me and have not clue what Thai Massage is, click the link below and watch a video of it: 


  1. Pure heavenly bliss - only way to describe those massages! We also had one every day - either full body or the quick foot massages after hours of trawling the markets... Much needed and so cheap! x

  2. i truly understand what you meant here.2 years aho i went Hatyai, Thailand with my families.my mum brought us to massage centre,i was reluctant to follow as i thought that massage is uncloth and i was not ready to show my body to some Thai's stranger.in the end, my worried all gone as they provided us loose clothes.this was truly an experience for me,and sweet memory too.

    xo josephine

  3. I'm so jealous. That sounds amazing. The one hour massages at the Spa are never long enough!


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