Chiang Mai, Thailand

A few days after arriving in Thailand we hopped on another plane to fly north to Chiang Mai, which is near the border of Thailand and Myanmar. It was about ten degrees cooler than Bangkok, so it was a little escape from the crazy heat in the big city. Chiang Mai was our favorite city we visited. It was a backpackers paradise in the mountains with good food, beautiful views and a very relaxed culture. 

We stayed at an amazing boutique hotel that was made out of Teak wood and run by some of the most friendly people I have ever met. We spent our time eating, getting thai massages, walking around the city and sitting by the river with coffee in hand. Great conversations and laughter filled our entire time spent their with our friends. 
tuk tuk's
Dash--an amazing restaurant
Our friends/tour guides, Daniel & Shannon.
One of the many temples
Buddhist Monastery
Overlook on Chiang Mai
Ginormous lily pads 


  1. wow,amazing place!! and the hotel is beautiful!! love it.. xo josephine



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