Happy Halloween!

We had a pumpkin carving party the other night with some friends. I decided to go the quick route and use a drill on my pumpkin. I got the idea from pinterest, and it turned out to be super easy! 
I used a sharpie to mark the spots where I wanted to drill the holes
I alternated between large and small drill bits to give different size holes in the pumpkin.
Matt is a master pumpkin carver, very meticulous. 
We had apple fritters with vanilla ice cream and attempted to cook up the pumpkin seeds. They didn't turn out so well, kinda burnt tasting. Oh well, at least we tried.
The finished product! Mine is the polka dot one and Matt's is the spooky one in the center!

Happy Halloween Everyone!


  1. How fun! Love your polka dot pumpkin!!!

  2. I think the pumpkin with the freaky pumpkin head ghost is best!

  3. Did you make those apple fritters??? If so, PLEASE share the recipe :)

  4. Love the polka dot one. It's so pretty!

  5. polka dots pumpkin? how cute is that.. love it love it love it!! you're creative..

    xo josephine


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