Fall Planting

We've been taking full advantage of the gorgeous weather that's been around here lately. Every weekend we are in the yard the majority of the time and I'm loving it.

I've wanted to plant bulbs for years now, but it always ended up last on my list and never got done. This year I was determined to make it a priority. Well I'm happy to say that this year we made it happen! I've turned into crazy planting lady. So far we have planted over 200 bulbs(tulips, daffodils & iris), a butterfly bush and four gardenia bushes.

Spring is gonna put on a show for us this coming year! I cannot wait to see what our hard work will produce.
I am so excited to see the gardenia bushes bloom in the spring! 
They are the yummiest smelling flowers.
I also cannot wait to see the beautiful little creatures the butterfly bush is going to attract! 
My little yard in the fall has the most gorgeous colors. Who wouldn't want to be outside every day working in it?

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