California Roadtrip: The Yurt

Do you know what a Yurt is? Matt and I had no clue what they were, so when we saw this cute little tent thing on Airbnb we thought it would make for a fun adventure! When booking it we weren't taking in to account that if the weather was cold, we would freeze because it didn't have heat. That evening in San Luis Obispo it was in the 30's and we froze, but it was worth it to say we have stayed 
in a yurt under the stars.

I woke up the next morning, showered and started to blow dry my hair. I had the bright idea of plugging my flat iron in the outlet as well, not taking into consideration that the property is all solar power or something. Well, I blew a breaker. I walked back in to the yurt and Matt's laying under 10lbs of blankets watching videos on you tube. I closed the door behind me and he says,"Why is your hair still wet?" I then have a ridiculous diva meltdown.... "My hair is wet, I blew the breaker in the bathroom, it's 30 degrees, my toes have frostbite and I am standing in a YURT! I am NOT ok." About 45 minutes later we finally got in touch with the owner and he asked me,"Do you really have to blow dry your hair?" Normally I am not a high maintenance person and wouldn't mind letting my hair air dry, but with freezing temps and my toes being numb that was not an option. I said, "Yes, I have to." He didn't want to push the issue anymore with the freezing cold, wet haired woman. Don't try to stop a cold woman from blow drying her hair. That's a no no.

Check out the yurt on Airbnb here!
The small heater in the center of the room didn't work. ha ha

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  1. I think I'd freak out if I couldn't blow dry my hair either! Mine does not air dry very well! ;)


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