When a snow storm of 10-14 inches of snow is forecasted to hit South Carolina everyone rushes to the grocery store and clears the shelves of bread and milk. I have always wondered why bread and milk??? If am going to be snow bound I want more that just a "milk sandwich" to keep me full. I want orange danish rolls, pizza, bagels, wine, etc. Healthy I know, but it's the one time to pig out, watch the snow fall and be lazy. We ended up getting only 4-6 inches(sad), but I'm a kid at heart so I had to get out and play in it! So glad that Matt and Eliza joined me. 
We decided to venture out to a friends house for a surprise snow party! Little Charlotte was very excited to have visitors at her house. She was all smiles.


  1. It's just too bad y'all didn't have ANY fun!!

  2. I am with you on the bread & milk thing. We went out for wine & more CO2 for our kegorater to prepare for our last storm!

  3. Oh my goodness, I wish we had snow days!! Looks like SO much fun!

  4. while everyone complainting about the snow,you enjoyed it!! and i love every pictures..snow seem so fun at your side..

    xo josephine


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